About Me

Alamo Adventures is all about my life, style, happiness, and adventure.

I am:
Teacher Barbie (Gifted and Talented Elementary...almost 8 years whaa?)
Doggie Mama to Sherman the Schnauzer
Farmboy's Girlfriend (He's South African, but he doesn't know Charlize Theron. I was disappointed.)
Blogger (Happydally and Alamo Adventures)
Photo Taker (Not a pro, just a playa!)
Baker (These hips don't lie)
Runner (Like a herd of turtles)
City Girl (I've lived in Dallas, Houston, and now San Antonio)
Country Girl (I grew up in Oklahoma and can milk a goat.)
Wannabe Thrifter 
Etsy and Target Addict (My Redcard is RED HOT)
Bravo Lover (Real Housewives...my not so dirty secret)
Book Worm (My true love)
Pen collector (The teacher kind...nothing fancy)


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