30 in 30

To kick of 2013 I'm participating in the FEST Challenge to not buy new clothing for 30 days. To help me survive, I decided to take on the 30 in 30 Challenge as well. This challenge means you choose 30 pieces of clothing from your existing closest to help you create 30 outfits.

As one who loves to break bend the rules, I am choosing 30 clothing pieces.  Shoes, scarves, belts, jewelry, and handbags are fair game, though I am counting my favorite shoes as part of the 30. I usually only buy new shoes and purses when it is back to school shopping season, or if I need new running shoes.

SO my focus is on the clothes in my closet. Thank goodness for last minute December pants shopping. :) Without further rambling, here are the players.





I started to get bored with taking pictures so I stacked these. Pretty much there are black, grey, mustard cardigans and a oxblood/maroon sweater.


                     Grey                                        Red/Black Cords

                Boyfriend Jeans                     Dark Turquoise/Blue Cords

Skinny Jeans, Pink and Black Crops


                  Loft Skirt                                       Old Navy Dress


This Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Jacket from Kohls is at the dry cleaners. :)




  1. How fun!! I may have to try 30 in 30....

  2. Oh, that is a challenge indeed!
    You are also a runner? Which are your fav running shoes? I tend to keep coming back to Asics. At the moment I have their fuji attack which are also great for the winter -- they function as winter tires with their bigger profile which is suppose to serve for cross country runs.,,


  3. OMG, this is AWESOME! I'm obsessed and reading every 30 in 30 post!



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