Tuesday, January 8

Thirty in Thirty: Day 7 The Princess and the Plumber

Tuesday Bluesday

Rainy days and Mondays always get in the way of my photography get me down.
Sorry. I must say as a Texas resident I am beyond thankful for rain.

Tonight I am blogging from the comfort of my couch. I am getting a kick listening to The Sherms bark and pant at the dogs on RHOM (Or Joanna's big....well anyways).

Day 7
I titled my post The Princess and the Plumber because I have a confession. I'm a princess. I just cropped out my crown. You can see my royal smirk below.
JC Penny Chambray Shirt, Unbridled Scarf, Rockstar Skinny Cords in Dark Blue,
Michael Kors Loafers,  Emma Fox Purse from TJ Maxx

Photo Bombed but Smiling!!

Today was a day full of sitting in the library for Professional Development. I knew I needed something warm and comfy.  This beautiful scarf was a gift from my tall, single, awesome brother.  I realize now the scarf only adds more bulk to my top when styled this way, so that is another lesson learned.

Speaking of lessons, I want to explain the Plumber  part of the title.
If you haven't noticed, I typically wear a long Mossimo tank top from Target underneath all my outfits. I have them in tons of colors, and they come in handy almost daily. They prevent plumber booty or crack attack as I like to say.  My biggest fear is bending over at school only to have some kid say, "Teacher I can see your crack!"  Seriously. I have this fear.

SO let that be a lesson. When in doubt about yo back, double cover up that crack.
That rhymed.


  1. I like having a longer shirt on as well..have to admit.

    Oh the joys of Professional Devlepment :-)

    1. Professional Patience was practiced. LOL

  2. "When in doubt about yo back, double cover up that crack."

    I laughed SO HARD at this because it's so, so true - isn't every girl's worst nightmare wearing a really cute outfit and having to worry about crack attack? :)

    Really digging the dark cords with the chambray!

    Nicole from Sequined Patterns

    1. Yes! I don't usually buy Old Navy pants, and I hated the Rockstar Skinnies until I tried on the cord version. They have more stretch and are very soft.

  3. First of all, I don't think this adds any bulk to the top half. I think it makes a simple outfit interesting without much effort - that scarf is beautiful!

    And I have to wear a tank top every day too. Mine are from express and i love them. I seriously wear one every.single.day. I feel its like a body shaper almost because I always feel just a little bit thinner in them. and ya know, booty crack.

    1. HAHAH booty crack makes me think of Real Housewives of Atlanta!! lol Sorry if you don't watch trashy tv and that confuses you. :)

  4. Hey :) I nominated you for a Liebster Award! The details are on my blog- www.localpostcards.blogspot.com


  5. Hello! I JUST started following your blog and I had to comment that your dog is ADORABLE! Is he a standard or a mini schnauz??? I have a grey standard but I am an equal opportunity schnauzer lover/fanatic! Love love love his fuzzy haircut! Also- I think the scarf looks great, not bulky!

    1. THANK YOU!! I always refer to him as a Not-so-Mini Schnauzer. I bought him out of a truck in the Walmart parking lot so I should have known he was not quite purebred. lol He is bigger than a mini, but not a standard either. He is about 20 lbs. Stay tuned tomorrow for Schnauzer overload (it was his 7th birthday this week and I had a party for the 2 of us). lol Thanks for following :)

  6. I LOVE THAT BAG!!!! I really wanted to buy it when I saw it in my local TJ Maxx, but I had just got a handbag and I really didn't want my hubby to give me "the look". Emma's bags are such good quality-- i've never owned one but from the look and feel of it.. those bags are amazing... can't wait to get one someday. I like the outfit, it's really cute and comfy looking--- thanks for sharing

    Maya D



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