Friday, January 31

Currently: February 2014

Heeelloooooo Everybody (Imagine that in a sad attempt at a British Accent)!

I'm blogging because it is a NEW MONTH. Can you believe it!? February 2014...Ok we are still 54 minutes away, but who's counting?

February 1st means it is time for Oh Boy's CURRENTLY Post!

When I read my friend and former school is doing yoga Fridays, I cried a few more tears into my #imisssanantonio bucket and wished I could take a bullet train there each week! Wouldn't that be amazing? If we could all high-speed-rail it to see all our buddies around the USA?  Berkley would be #2 on my list to see you KW! 

You see, I get all weepy when I think of my lovelies I used to teach with. There are so many of you all over the place. I seriously need to STOP MOVING!!!! Well, after I move to Argentina. Then I can stop moving. Or Hawaii...I don't know. Somewhere with a better beach please!

Ok, back to what I'm up to Currently.

Listening: I don't know if I've confessed here on the blog, but I am a big YouTube vlog fan. I love watching Make-up channels on YouTube and to go ahead and out one of my truths, I LOVE me some PewDiePie (minus his excessive use of some pretty serious potty language).  I don't know what it is other than his hilarious accent that makes me check the channel when I'm bored. I personally have no interest in playing any video game besides Wii Just Dance, but the commentary with his posts cracks me up. I guess deep down inside I'm a 14 y.o. weirdo who likes computer games. 

Loving: In a (fruitless) effort to kill the cold I felt coming on yesterday, I started downing hot water with lemon, ginger, cinnamon, and honey. It tastes SO DANG GOOD. I've probably eroded (is that the term?) all the enamel off my teeth after having about 6 cups and going through a bag of DELICIOUS Meyer lemons. It didn't beat the cold but it did beat my morning cup of joe today!

Thinking: WHY THE HECK am I sick again? Oh wait- I know! That kid who came to school on Monday running a fever and went home only to show back up on Wednesday still looking like death and running a fever and possibly sportin some strep coughed and snotted all over me and my classroom...(end rant).  PEOPLE!!! Stand up for parent's right to stay home with their SICK children (trying to be supportive here) because if you don't people like me get sick and then can't come to work and teach your SICK children. And I actually like going to work and teaching your children. They are a pretty cool group. I'd post an adorable picture of them dancing in their Christmas Jammies to Koo Koo Kanga Roo but someone might complain! But really, they can dance (and read, write, add, subtract...mostly)!

Wanting: I want to DO something for Spring Break this year. I've went to Oklahoma over the past few years, but this year my family's SB isn't during the same week so I say the Sherms and I should buy a tent and go campin' or something earthy. lol Or go to the mall. 

Needing: I feel like 2014 could improve if it didn't involve dirty laundry or dirty dishes. Grading some papers couldn't hurt either!

Truth: Listen up Teacher Barbies and Planner Addicts. I am in love with my new Frixion Pilot pens! These are erasable, but the colors have a pretty nice pop to them as well.

I use the bright pink for bible study and my planner, the orange for grading, and purple for entering grades in the gradebook! LOVE me some pens!

Fib: I don't put sugar in my coffee. I like it black (like my eyeliner!;)

Hugs to you for the Month of Love! What are you up to Currently?

Monday, January 20

MLK Jr: A Day of Service

I've always enjoyed sharing ways I'm involved in my community here on Hello Adventure. My time in San Antonio was filled with great community organizations like Girls on the Run, JDRF, and YOSA.  Here in The Woodlands, I haven't jumped in with my usual volunteer enthusiasm until this month. I think it takes time to find what need in the community you are most passionate about.

I will be serving at the Montgomery County Food Bank distribution this Saturday at Woodforest Stadium, and I will also be cooking dinner for the Conroe House of Prayer Homeless Mission Saturday evening. I will be making enchiladas because it is the only casserole-style dish I dare feed anyone with confidence! 

I love that MLK Jr. Day now has a focus on service. I think if our communities had more holidays like this one, we all might live in a better place.  I love this quote especially considering my fear of stairs! :)

Is today a holiday for you? What are your favorite community organizations?

Sunday, January 12

(Lately) Sunday Edition

Sundays always seem to fly by. I blink, and it's 7 p.m., and I am not ready for the week. This could possibly be because I spent almost two hours in the grocery store. I can't help myself. I LOVE grocery shopping. I've considered on more than one occasion quitting teaching and becoming a full-time grocery shopper. This is all fun and games until it is time to come home and climb three flights of stairs with all my goodies...which I insist on carrying in one load. 

Thank you for this lil gem

My find of the day was this delicious (blurry iPhone pic) dressing on sale. Yummm. Thank you M&M for recommending this one. I will think of you with each bite of my delicious salad.

The GO menu went as planned for most of the week. I rounded it out with this yummy brunch at home. I am not a big tomato fan as you can see. 

A trip to Target gave me some color inspiration! Have you ever stopped and looked at the beautiful gift bags and papers in Target? I am in LOVE. A display two years ago gave me color inspiration for choosing my blog design.  I want something gold and pink now. 

It took every ounce of self-control (and a reminder that I just dropped a Ben Franklin at the vet a few hours earlier) to keep from buying all 75 rolls of washi tap at Office Depot.  Have you ever used this stuff? It is almost as fun as new pens! And we all know I love my pens!

Tomorrow I will send a special package to Norah, my sponsored child in Kenya, via a kind person in Colorado traveling there soon. More on that story soon. :)

I'll be giving extra cuddles and walks with my lil puppy this week. Itchy ears a sad Sherman does make. 

What are your plans for this week?

Sunday, January 5

GO Week 1: Meal Planning

After one of my favorite bloggers, Emily from Today's Letters, used the term GO Month in a recent post, and I felt like it related well to what I've been up to for the past week. GO stands for Get Organized, and for the first time in a long time there is less clutter (except for my desk...haven't quite made it to that pile yet) around this place.  My first week of 2014 I successfully completed my GO Menu and cooked at home M-F. I like to cook, but I am not the best at planning out my meals.  My long-term plan is to start using Google Calendar to schedule everything and create a shopping list from there, but one step at a time folks.

Here is my GO Dinner Menu Week 1

Breakfasts: I alternate between plain Greek yogurt and granola, spinach blueberry smoothies, and some type of breakfast bread. I plan on baking this Apple Carrot Banana Bread from Multiply Delicious today (if I can find a date substitution). 

Lunches: I've been eating salad and chicken for lunch every day at work for months now. This is why I usually roast a chicken over the weekend. If I don't roast a chicken, I buy the single serving pre-packed salads and they have been a time-saver for my busy schedule. My lunch is so short (20 minutes if I want to actually take a RR break) so there isn't much time to savor good food.

Snacks: I've been eating Cuties like crazy after being so sick (Vitamin C cravings) so I bought a fresh crate for the week.  I don't snack much at work, and admittedly a cup of decaf during my planning time in the afternoon is better than a snack. 


Monday: I've been dying to try Against All Grain's Leftover Roasted Chicken Soup and 
Vegetables. It just looks so cozy. Can one call food cozy? 

Tuesday: Leftovers! Ok, that may sound boring, but a girl can only eat so much in one day. 

Wednesday: Health Bent's Spaghetti Squash Carbonara

Thursday: Pei Wei Honey Seared Chicken Copy Cat Recipe and brown rice (I will go for the "Stock Velveted" version aka no breading on the chicken. 

Friday: Leftovers again! I have an after-school program I volunteer with every Friday til five,  and by the time I come home I want to hit the couch. I'm usually too tired to even go out to eat on Fridays.

Saturday: OUT- This is my day to treat myself. 

I usually make a brunch and then go out for dinner. I've been wanting to try something new around here, but it is hard to decide!

I'm excited to try these recipes, especially since they look delicious and healthy.  My new rule is if it is made at home it has to be healthy. No rules for eating out. Heehee :)

How do you meal plan?


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